Dual Stream Tutorial


This tutorial provides instructions to dual stream from Open Broadcaster Software to Twitch and Youtube. This system is different than the dual stream system built into some broadcasting software. IN this tutorial we will learn how to setup a relay which will broadcast the stream to both services.

The Diagram below should help you understand how this works.

                               ---> Twitch
        Streamer -- > Relay --> |
                               ---> Youtube        

What you will need

Installing Software

The first step is to install nginx and the nginx rtmp module.
You will need to either login as root, or have sudo access. (If you login with root, remove sudo from the directions below)

        $ curl -o nginx.tar.gz http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.7.3.tar.gz
        $ wget https://github.com/arut/nginx-rtmp-module/archive/master.zip
        $ tar -xvf nginx.tar.gz
        $ unzip master.zip
        $ sudo yum install gcc pcre-devel openssl-devel
        $ ./configure --with-http_ssl_module --add-module=../nginx-rtmp-module-master
        $ make
        $ sudo make install
        $ sudo ln /usr/local/sbin/nginx /usr/bin
You are now ready to configure your software.


Open /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf in your favorite text editor (you may wish to download the file, edit, and reupload).

The File should look something like this:

        #user  nobody;
        worker_processes  1;

        #error_log  logs/error.log;
        #error_log  logs/error.log  notice;
        #error_log  logs/error.log  info;

        #pid        logs/nginx.pid;

            worker_connections  1024;

                listen 1935;
                chunk_size 4096;

                application live
                    live on;
                    record off;

                    push rtmp://service1/app/streamkey;
                    push rtmp://service2/app/streamkey;

In order to find out what server you need to push to, consult the streaming service. For twitch you can find a list of servers here. You will want the Twitch server closest to your server.
An example of a proper push statement (Twitch.TV in Los Angeles):

push rtmp://live-lax.twitch.tv/app/[STREAMKEY];

Starting and Stopping The Server

To Start The Server:

$ sudo nginx

To Stop The Server:

$ sudo nginx -s stop

It is recommended you stop the server when you are finished streaming.

Configuring OBS

Configuration of OBS is rather simple. Just go to settings -> broadcast settings. Make sure mode is set to live stream and streaming service is set to custom. See the screenshot below.


I am not responsible in anyway shape or form for any damage caused by following or deviating from the above instructions or from the installed software. No warranties explicit or implied are provided. Use at your own risk.


Need A Server?

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